Refund Policy

Cancellation and refund policy

In between the normal business process, there may happen some changes where the clients want to cancel their bookings. It happens when a customer books a ride but doesn’t want to avail of another service for personal and natural reasons. Then their ride will cancel, and they can get their payment back under the following procedures.

When a customer intentionally cancels the booking:

  • If the customer wants to cancel a booking, ask them for an alternate day. If it is possible, give them credit for booking a ride in the future.
  •  On the other hand, You can convince the client to check their travel security insurance, relying on the reasons for the cancellation of the booking. Some customers get benefits from their travel insurance. Situations like flooding, heavy snowfall, and sudden sickness might cover the customers under their travel insurance policy.
  •  All parties must agree on your contact with the client and verify the deposit on money or refund.

When the partner wants to cancel the booking

If one of your partners wants to cancel any booking, then you should do the following things for your customers.
  • Be as cooperative as you can. Customers feel unpleasant about canceling a booking, and you should understand their situation and tell them why you have canceled their booking? Also, it would be best if you gave them an alternate solution.
  • If you or your partner cancel the booking, you should pay the full refund to the customer.
  • As a professional behavior, you must offer your customer a discounted rate offer for future trips. 
  • If If you cancel a booking unintentionally due to incidents related to weather and many “Acts of God,” then you or your partner should not force yourself to refund as customer insurance will protect the customers.

We have an easy cancellation policy for compensation or refund:

The Coach Hire finding company has a simple and easy refunding policy on canceling any booking.

• If you have paid your payment after booking a coach, you will not get your payment back. You will lose your payment in every condition unless the partner agrees to refund.
• Under personal circumstances, you should need to address them individually, issue by issue.
• It must be the personal choice of the partner if he wants to give a refund or a part of the compensation. But they are involved under no circumstances.





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