Terms of Use – For Partners

The Coach Hire finder website is controlled and protected by the Coach Hire finder company Ltd, UK (registration number). These terms and limitations are hence necessary for the relationship of the Partner (“You”) and the Coach Hire finder company on using our website.


Partners on Coach Hire finder company make satisfactory dialogues with the clients.

The customer

The person or organization want desires to promote the acceptable vehicle expenses from the partners.

The cost/ price

You can get an adequate fare for the booking as quoted by the customer.

Direct Selling Association (DSA)

DSA is a government organization that works for the public vehicles for governing and maintaining up to minimum criteria.

Coach Hire Finder's Goals

Coach hire finder company’s the main the objective is to find a desirable partner to fit the necessities of customers to begin the journey.


Booking payment between partners and customers is made promptly between both parties.


The affidavit below gives the protocols for using the Coach Hire finder company’s website and as a partner of Coach Hire Finder.


You must be 18 years old or above 18 years ca use services or any of the services provided on the website of Coach Hire fin company. People under the age criteria can be eligible to enter into a legal agreement according to the practical laws of the UK.

Registration of the Partner:

If you want to use the services available on the Coach Hire Finder ‘s website, you should enroll yourself for the online registration form for using the website free of cost. You must need to give valid and credible data about your firm. If we find out your provided information to be inaccurate, your account on our website will get suspended for investigation.

Our goal is to encourage our partners to work instantly with customers. If we learn our partner misquotes their application, their account will remove from our work. Our enrolment and set-up are free. Therefore, you need to pay a monthly fee for the service of your interest. Partners can take orders for booking up to a specific limit depending on your chosen membership level. You get a monthly invoice to renew your account.

Role of coach hire Finder website

The coach hire Finder website provides an Internet location where users can advertise their job requirements online. Coach Hire finder ACTS as a facilitator to help provide a customer with a suitable partner. Any agreement between customer and partner is strictly


Coach Hire Finder (CHF)is an advertising portal that allows customers to easily find and quote for a maximum of 2 hours to receive quotations from partners in their pickup area or beyond and send quotations to partners The Coach Hire Finder staff will assist and advise you to switch to price booking wherever possible and make the best use of your benefit to us


To become a website partner, you must provide the CHF with a copy of your operator license number. If at any time your license is cancelled, you must immediately notify the CHF and your subscription will be suspended until the replacement ‘o’ license is dispatched to our office. Registration is through an online form and is free to establish. We will activate your account once all information is confirmed. You need to complete a profile of your company, after which you will be able to browse and refer to interested jobs for a monthly service charge.


Upon registering, you will need to complete your profile 100% to maximize your coach’s rental competition potential. This will include:

Completing all company information

To complete all the company information accurately to allow the CHF staff to work diligently on their company. Adding all vehicles inside your fleet that contain complete specifications and images of each vehicle. Completing your company’s bank account details to transfer to the customer after confirmation of the booking. The latest logo should be visible to all quotations.

Your company terms and conditions will be uploaded to the system and will be ignored by all customers who receive quotations from you. It is your responsibility to update photos and company information during your membership. This will give you the best chance to turn your quotations into bookings. Only you can do this, but Coach Hire Finder staff will always be on hand you will need any help, guidance and support.

Extract Requests

Responding to quotations in a timely manner is something that all partners should desire. A quotation is open for maximum 2 hours, in which many partners can send their prices to customer. After the acquisition of this time, the quote request will no longer be available. Just refer to jobs you know you can meet. Responding positively to our customers will continue to increase your traffic and will result in overall traffic reaching the CHF.


All jobs should be done by your company; however, we appreciate that on this occasion, due to operational difficulties, this job may be necessary to outsource If it is necessary, we request you to make sure you use a legally compliant partner. We encourage that if possible, help a partner use the CHF website to outsource the work. Must deal with bookings through coach hire comparison platform, this is the most efficient and professional way for both parties to track and monitor the relevant information in the whole process which gives customer confidence they are booking with a trusted partner.

We offer all bookings online and deposit payment and secured payment protection with final balance payment notified and updated by your Coach Hire Finder dashboard This will cover the customer and give them peace of mind that if your vehicle does not receive any communication they will get full refund from CHF without any delay and follow up the investigation as a result of which monies will be received from you Please read our separate payment protection policy for the complete terms here.

Partners taking offline bookings will be taken very seriously purposefully and their account will be terminated without notice and immediate effect. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not take your registration any further. We understand that bookings will be made offline on some occasions, however, you can change it manually to bookings to continue the process to run smoothly.

Preferred partner status

We are striving to meet the high quality of customer service. A partner who meets our most stringent steps will be recognized for this success. Read our full instructions on this certification expectations here.


Continuity with membership is not mandatory, so you can cancel your subscription without bearing any expenses if you find that membership is not beneficial.

Payment terms for services.

Payment terms for booking are placed for the customer compared to coach fare determined by each individual’s partner on account setup. Payment for service is strictly between customer and partner. The partner determines the terms for direct payment between the customer and the partner. Please send this to your customer as soon as the booking is made.

The price the customer pays

The customer’s price is the price you entered, and the Coach Hire finder does not add anything above it. Make sure the price is correct and what you are happy with.

Accept your booking

You should not respect any booking accepted from CHF, and you should not cancel the job once you accept it. Exit is allowed but only on occasions where you have vehicle malfunction, driver shortage, or something like that.

Partners are taking offline bookings

Your Coach Hire finder subscription will expire immediately due to knowingly taking offline bookings. All bookings generated by Coach hire finder must be online through the complete booking process. The Coach hire finder makes regular checks to ensure the implementation of this Rule, which includes call recording, secret shopper, and online messages.

GDPR companies

You are directly responsible for overall compliance with GDPR and demonstrating its compliance if you don’t get it.

Driving rules

We are available here r to allow you to stay in compliance with rules and limitations. You must follow the Rule of our law book in the UK. Thus, it will be written on your profile if you break driving rules.

Business responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the partners to provide legally operated vehicles safely.

Working time director

European working time directive prohibits safe driving of passenger transport vehicles. All partners must work under these strict rules to meet this requirement.

Site intervention

Your contract with any of the affiliates or parties contracted by you and do not take any action to interfere with the operation or performance of the coach. It is not limited to the use of any software, hardware, or programmed routine that can destabilize the website or interfere with any information placed on the site.

Limitation of liability

No event shall be compared to coach fare (including its officers, employees, directors, and partners) shall be held liable for any loss of profit, income, or any loss of income resulting from a particular accident or loss, however arising, including the use of the website for negligence or comparison of coach fare resulting from this contract. Coach hire is offered comparative website and services’ available as’ and ‘is as’ without any guarantee or guarantee expressed or meant. Our partners and we specifically declare the title, merchantability, implied fitness warranties for a particular purpose and non-viola


You are agreed to compensate and hold harmless coach rent competition (including its officers, employees, di).