Terms of use – the relationship between partners and customers.

You are a partner placing quotations on our website or a customer utilizing our website to get prices on renting a vehicle for a trip. By gaining access or using our website, you accept to be limited by the terms of use (terms and conditions) corresponding to the use of our website for the user and partner. We suggest you read these terms and conditions completely before accessing or using our website. Because if you use our website, it means that you have accepted all these terms of use. If you don’t agree to one of these terms of use, kindly do not use our website.

About Us

Coach Hire finding company operates our website. Our UMSA Digital limited T/A Coach hire finder is a registered company under registration number 14039408, and we have our registered office at 58 Roberts Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP136XB, UK.
We are limited by our privacy policy for storing and using your private data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) 2018.

We provide a promotion facility for our partners and a trip searching facility for our clients searching to rent a minibus or coach. We don’t evaluate, own, or deliver the content of our advertised partners on our website. The advertiser should be liable for the security of all basic rights, authorization, and consent to regulate personal booking purposes.

Except for the relation of online booking between client and partner, we have no involvement in the procedure of booking or transaction. We create no claims to any advertising partner’s security, integrity, or legitimacy. We can not verify the exactness of the publicity or its content. It is the single task of the partner to be capable of booking a vehicle and the single responsibility of the customer to pay the rent promptly to the partner. Partners must give their terms of use to the customers, and the customers should make it their duty to read and accept these terms.

Entities on Our website:

Our licensors or advertisers belong to us all materials published on our website, including copyright, database rights, labels, and design rights. You can download things from our website or share any corresponding transmission for your reason for using our website. But you can not republish, save, pass off, transmit, and alter any material or subject on our website without taking permission for a rewrite. Clients, Partners, and someone else can not use our website for trading or publicity purposes, which we do not allow. Such kind of use of our website in preference stops the person from using our websites as he breaks the rules.

Your protection:

You can not directly contact the partner for a booking while using our website; you should continue with care and understanding when operating our website. You should think carefully about any conversation and contracts executed on the internet because it is full of risks. Customers should double-check directly with the partner if they have any doubts about the booking Agreement.

Claims for customers

If you rent any vehicle from Coach Hire finder company, then the issues contract is between you and the partner( any contract), and we are not a part of any contract. You must know that any legal acts of conflict between customer and partner on our website must be directed against the partner and not against Coach Hire Finder.

Suppose you book any vehicle from our website. In that case, it means that you agree to the terms related to booking a vehicle with the partner, along with Coach Hire Finder company’s cancellation and refund policy, our privacy policy, our payment policy, and these terms of use. However, we deliver a technical forum to perform such bookings.

Still, we are not responsible for the payment procedure, and also, we are not a part of any contract between customers and Partners. A client can not make us responsible for any loss because of making a payment to the partner. You admit refunding and keep us protected against or from any or all damages, expenses, penalties, laws, prosecutions, and damages you suffer because of using our website.

We have a responsibility and responsibility for delimitation.

We serve as an advertising service through which partners can provide quotations for any upcoming trips to customers wishing to Hire coaches or minibus. We have neither inspected nor had any control over any quotation submitted on our site, and we do not have any representation or warranty about any of the vehicles. While we require partners to advertise their services truthfully, fairly, and accurately, we take reasonable steps to remove partners from our site who may be users or any other person following any complaint. Do after an investigation by another partner. We have no control over the accuracy of any quotation or the ability of any partner. In this way, we disclaim all responsibility and liability for any loss or damage (including personal injury) you or any other party arising from it may incur.

  • Any quotations, comments, and other content posted on our site by the partners, from any user of our site, or any person who may be informed of any of its content. On, or in any error or omission or error or any statement, explanation, representation, or other information made in connection with or in connection with any quotation.
  • Any act or omission of the partner to perform or comply with any of the terms of the Agreement between the partner and the customer, including failure to provide the vehicle on the requested date (whether double booking or otherwise) or failure to provide the vehicle on condition or with facilities that such vehicle was advertised on our site;
  • Of any damage or damage to personal property on a vehicle.

  • Or any event or event that takes place on the vehicle
Although we will do our best to prevent the deliberate misuse of our site and the spread of harmful programs through our site, we will not be responsible for any damage or damage caused by any deliberate misuse or distribution of viruses or other technologically harmful materials of our site that may affect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary materials due to the use of our site.
In some situations, we may decide whether canceling a reservation is necessary or desirable. You agree that there will be no liability for coach hire comparisons, related customer or partner, such cancellation or refund.

Suppose we violate these terms or are otherwise liable to you (including, for our negligence, without limitation). In that case, we will only be responsible for any direct damages or damages that result in you reaching the cost of the fee by using our site (if any) that you have paid us. We will not be responsible for any indirect losses or losses you suffer. You may not incur our liability in any event (which results in loss or corruption, loss of profits or contracts, loss of income, loss of expected savings in expenses, or business interruption) resulting from our contract or negligence.

It does not affect the liability of misrepresentation of our fraud or if any such thing we do negligently causes death or personal injury nor any other liability which cannot be excluded or restricted under applicable law.

If you consider any video, photos, or any other content posted on our site by any partner to be offensive, privileged, defamed, or otherwise inappropriate (“inappropriate content”), please notify us by sending us details of this content. Upon receiving notification that any content is deemed inappropriate, we will review such content and decide whether to remove such content from our site. Please send details of any content that you consider inappropriate content for us:

Coach Hire Finder company, registered number 14039408, registered at 58 Roberts Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP136XB, UK.

Repeat infringing policy:

According to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act and several applicable laws, we approved a policy for eliminating in practical situations and at our single choice to terminate partners and customers on our website who are supposed to repeat infringers. We also terminate or eliminate accounts of any user who gets access to our website who damage any intellectual property rights; however, they might have or not repeat any infringement.

Halt in our service

Although, we maintain our network services in all possible ways. We take all possible measures to provide you with error-free and without interruption. But the internet is not always working the same. Errors and omissions cause to pause and discontinue the service at any time. Consequently, we do not abide by an ongoing duty or task operating on our website or any part of our website.

Available links on our website:

Our website may have contained links to other websites and resources related to our third-party members. We add these links for your information purpose. We have no rights over the contents available on that websites or resources. We are also not responsible for those websites and any loss that may occur to you from using those websites.

Contractual relationship

We work as an agent for partners to facilitate quotations through our site and for your ads’ booking and other distribution purposes. Apart from this relationship, nothing builds in this Agreement or the use of our site or is intended to establish any partnership, joint venture, or similar relationship between the partner and us. To avoid doubt, we never act as principal regarding any services available on or by our site. As between customer and us, nothing in this Agreement or the use of our site is intended to establish any relationship, partnership, or joint venture between a customer and us.

Laws and regulations

The government of the Uk legislates this policy, and the courts of the Uk have restricted Jurisdiction over any case that occurs from or is connected to using our website(However, we restrict the Agreement to call any proceeding against you from breaking any of these terms in your country or any another related country.) You agree to accept all these laws and regulations related to the use of our website. Every booking is made using our website. Our website is considered acceptable all over the United Kingdom, so it shall be legislated and defined according to the law of the United Kingdom.

Events out of our control

We shall not violate this Agreement or otherwise be responsible for any failure or delay in performance arising out of any situation out of our proper control, including attacks, lockouts, other industrial disputes, system or network access disorders, floods, fires, explosions, or accidents.


If a service of this Agreement (or part of any service) is found invalid, illegal, and can not be enforced, it will not affect the enforcement of any other part of the services.


We make changes to this Agreement by changing the related web pages or publishing notes anywhere on the website.


If you want to send us any notices, you can email us on our email account. We will also display on our website some notices to attract you.